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Butler Caroye Asia Pacific is the region’s leading travel management consultancy, providing services to corporate, government and institutional travel buyers. Since 1998, we have helped over 80 clients to reduce costs and improve services in this complicated and opaque supply chain. Their spend has ranged from $1 million to $380 million.
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Butler Caroye has won the respected btTB Consultancy of the Year Award for all three consecutive years of the award, and was the first inductee into the btTB Industry Hall of Fame.
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We are not a Travel Management Company. “TMCs” are corporate travel agents, receiving commissions from airlines, hotels and other suppliers including technology providers. We are paid only by our clients, the travel buyers. That is the big difference. We have no supplier biases or conflicting interests. And consulting, analysing, tendering, and supply chain management are all we do. It’s not window dressing to lock in other business. It’s what we do.
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We provide detailed, flexible and efficient tendering tools and processes for each supply area, across agency, airline, hotel, car, card, expense management and technology. Our automated Dexter tendering systems are packed with category knowledge. They are highly configurable to fit with your particular needs, processes and protocol. Though our Consulting Services we provide expert advice, reviews, benchmarking and analysis ,,,  delivering the right amount of assistance, in the right areas when you need it. We are aligned with Airocheck the global industry’s only fare-mark-up auditing system. Airocheck uses base settlement data-of-truth to check for good practice in the fare creatiuon and quotation process. (Butler Caroye NEVER promotes the use of Airocheck through it’s own tenders and consulting projects.)
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Our services have three outcomes. We reduce costs, minimise risk and put in place high service levels. The corporate travel supply chain is complicated. It is a complex of services, software and financial flows. Outcomes vary greatly. What you don’t know will cost you. We provide you with a best process, and leave you with category knowledge and expertise for your ongoing use.
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Procurement consultants are in a unique position to influence the flow of business towards suppliers. It is a position of privilege and trust. The best check is the industry. We ask you to talk with many suppliers to check on our practices and our reputation. And of course we are happy to provide testimonials and references from any of clients.
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Since 2012 we have worked with the leading general procurement advisory firm Grosvenor Performance Group.


Butler Caroye has partnered with the leading airline data software company Airline Metrics to provide the industry’s only independent audit and accreditation program that tests against the systematic marking-up of airfares by TMCs. The process uses incontestable IATA true flown airline data, and applies sophisticated decoding and analytical software to provide definitive results. Only TMCs that pass the audit process can display the FairFare Accreditation symbol. Please click on airocheck for more information.

Butler Caroye’s Founder and Managing Director Tony O’Connor is the Regional Deputy Director of the Global Business Travel Association, the world’s largest travel buyers’ organisation. Tony helped to re-establish the GBTA in Australasia and now advises the association and assists with it’s extensive program of conferences and education. The GBTA runs the largest business travel conference in the world every July in the US, and the largest conference in Australasia every May in Sydney. Click on GBTA Aust/NZ for regional membership, events and news. GBTA membership is low cost and provides a wealth of free information and resources.

We assist Procurement and Supply Australia with travel category research, articles, webinars, presentations and events. PASA is the largest procurement organisation in Australasia, with several thousand professional participants. PASA runs numerous conferences and seminars covering many procurement categories, and runs the largest general procurement conference every October in Melbourne.

Please contact Tony O’Connor at toc@butlercaroye.com.au or on 61/0 409 944 911 for a pressure-free chat about whether we might be able to improve your management of this major cost category.