Automated Flexible Tendering Tools in a Thorough Efficient Process

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Butler Caroye Asia Pacific specialises in airline, TMC, travel IT, hotel, car, card and EMS tendering. 

We have managed over 70 travel tenders, including many of the largest in the region.

Dexter tenders have been improved and enhanced through constant market usage for nearly 20 years.

Our Dexter automated RFPs capture every important detail in these complex supply areas, in efficient and easy to use formats.

They are not generic systems forced onto a supply category. They are built ground-up specifically for each category.

They are customised to your exact specifications, needs and preferences.

The Dexter Assessor tools provide dashboard-based result charts and tables, with quick and easy drill-downs to the detail. You can run comparative scenario tests by changing key variables, such as travel patterns.

You can quickly and easily weight not only the assessment categories but also the component questions.

You can score with our flexible and automated Assessor settings. You can have any number of scorers. You can weight the scorers. You can assign scorers to different assessment areas, such as IT, service or risk. And you can have any combination of scoring by you and by us. Whoever assesses what, we provide thorough information and assistance throughout the scoring process. But you are in control and make the decisions.

Everything is recorded and auditable.

The negotiations and the clarification and testing processes are structured and rigorous. 

Each tender is a tailored project, planned and implemented around tasks and outcomes. And they are planned to fit your requirements and schedules.

The process invites you to participate as much as you want. But if you are looking to save internal time and tendering costs, the requirement on your resources can be minimal.

There are many pricing and qualitative pitfalls. Financials are complicated. IT is now the most important component across the supply chain. But you need to ask the right things. Integration is a major issue.  You need formats that are informed, thorough and correct. Travel tendering is complicated and succeeds or fails based on subject matter knowledge and experience. It does not lend itself to generic formats or processes. After a Butler Caroye tender, you will be left with a thorough understanding of each supply area for your ongoing benefit.  

It is easy to run an under-informed travel tender, but it will cost you money. Dexter tenders are designed around client ROI, probity and outcomes.

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