Butler Caroye has an archive of over 120 published articles dating back to 2002. They cover many travel procurement topics and issues, and are available free to our clients. Here are links to our recent published efforts.

Published in March 2018 in the third edition of the regional GBTA/btTB Business Travel Quarterly: 5 Simple Things to Get Right With Your TMC … Here are five things that tend to get overlooked in simpler TMC tenders and negotiations that I think need to be covered. Click Five Things to see the BTQ. 

Published in November 2017 in the second edition of the regional GBTA/btTB Business Travel Quarterly (which we edit) in December 2017:  Business Travel is Business. We dive deeper into savings, past the top layer of fees and discounts, through TMC systems and processes, and into the main game of best balanced outcomes for your company and broader business. Click Business is Business to see the BTQ.

Published on our website in November 2017:  Not The Place For Too Simple quickly debunks the attractions of doing a quick and easy job with TMC tendering and assessment. There’s a lot to get right in this most important part of the travel chain, and category managers need more information and assistance, not less. Click Not Too Simple to see this article.

Published in the first edition of the regional GBTA/btTB Business Travel Quarterly (which we edit) in July 2017:  What Do Travellers Want? A recent large survey of travellers across a number of countries in Europe produced a few interesting results that may give travel managers pause to consider. Click What Do I Want to see this article.

Published in Inside Small Business magazine in July 2017:  Reducing Travel Costs in Smaller Businesses. Several quick tips on the main things SMEs can do to get good deals and to get travel costs under control. Click SME Travel Savings to see this article.

Published by PASA in July 2017:  Category Knowledge – Where to get it and how to keep it. Especially for complicated supply chains, procurement and supplier management need detailed category knowledge. But getting the information can be difficult, especially if you are a smaller to mid-sized company. And category expertise seems to have a way of leeching out of organisations after its acquired. This article considers a few solutions. Click Category Knowledge to see this article.

Register to participate in our Webinar on 11th April 2017 sponsored by PASA (Procurement & Supply Australia) when we’ll be talking about “Managing the travel supply chain now means knowing the technology”. A lot of words are said and spoken about travel IT but it’s mostly about the new stuff; apps and so forth. The conversation mostly detours the necessary basics  …  What are the several systems? What do they do? How do they fit together? Do they fit together? What do they cost? What do they do for you? What is optional? What do I need to assess? To register click on BCWebinar. And contact for the supporting PowerPoint where the architecture of travel IT is laid out for you.

Butler Caroye Spread The Word

Published by PASA in August 2016  Spreading The Word: Using Tenders to Grow Organisational Understanding of Procurement.  …  In some categories, especially travel, the tender process presents an opportunity to include other staff and disseminate understanding and appreciation of procurement. This can have multiple benefits for the organisation and for you. Click Spread The Word to see the article

seven shady practices

Published by PASA in March 2016  …7 Shady Corporate Travel Practices …  Most TMCs are of course ethical. But in the past few years a number of revenue boosting practices seem to have entered the corporate travel supply chain. Read this short article and make sure that your travel costs are not being bloated by these wily ploys. Click 7 Shady Practices to see the article.

butler caroye daught proc thin

Published by PASA in November 2015  …   A Conversation With My Daughter  …  About Procurement.  “What exactly does a procurement manager do, what’s your job, and what earthly good do you do for anyone?” Good questions young lady. And a useful if somewhat uncomfortable little exercise in focussing and figuring out what value we bring to an organisation and how we achieve it. Click OMG LOL WTF to see the article.

butler caroye www singapore

Published by CAPA in late October 2015, Butler Caroye features together with other regional experts in this article that investigates travel management in Singapore. Click Understanding Singapore to see the article.

butler caroye helicopter view

Published by PASA in late August 2015 in response to Malcolm Turnbull’s request in Parliament for an app to help with travel expenses  …  a guide through the messy and oversold area of pre-trip approval processes   …   the what, when and how of business travel gatekeeping. Click Dear Malcolm to see the article.

butler caroye collab procure

The August 2015 published article in PASA is another cautionary  “market verite” piece: “Collaborative Procurement  …  Be Careful”   …   suggests that “win-win” offers from suppliers need to be regarded with caution. And the next step, joint-venture proposals to insource and share operations or financials, need to be assessed very carefully. Click the title to go to the site.

butler caroye the gap

The July 2015 published article in PASA: “The Gap  …  between what you’re sold and what you get”  …   looks at why things sometimes go wrong with TMC services, even after a thorough tender, what the causes are, and what you can do about it. Click the title to go to the site.

butler caroye diy 2

The June 2015 published article in PASA:  “I Can Do Better Myself”  …  looks at the real reasons you sometimes find better fares and rates than your TMC. And we answer the question  …  Should you just ditch TMCs and book travel yourself? Click the title to go to the site.

The May 2015 published article in PASA: “Global Pricing .. A Bridge Too Far?”  …  looks at the difficulties TMCs have with uniform global deals. Click the title to go to the site.

The April 2015 published article in PASA:  “It Takes Two to Tango .. And Sometimes Three”  …  encourages suppliers in all categories to participate in tenders whatever the relationship history, and provides some suggestions to buyers on how to obtain best tender outcomes. Click the title to go to the site.